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Press Release 7th March 2019 Why you should buy Love Oban Vouchers!

As part of BID4OBAN's commitment to encourage local people to spend locally, we have introduced a Town Gift Voucher Scheme. "Love Oban" is a very straightforward voucher scheme that encourages local people to support local businesses by giving gift vouchers that can only be spent in Oban. To date this scheme has seen over £32,000 in local money staying in the Oban area.

The Scheme works as follows:

  • Shoppers can buy vouchers (in , £10 or £20 denominations) from four locations in the town (The Sports Shop in Argyll Square and Webster of Oban Photographic Centre at 122 - 124 George Street, the BID office at 43 Stevenson Street and The Oban Phoenix Cinema in George Street) Alba Art Shop, Etive Restaurant 
  • Vouchers can be given as gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc.
  • The recipients will then redeem their vouchers as full or part payment for goods or services in any of the participating businesses within the town. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Businesses will then send the redeemed vouchers to BID4OBAN and receive the full face value in return. 
In order for the scheme to work we need as many BID4OBAN levy payers and and associate members to accept the vouchers. It is not restricted to retail businesses and the scheme is open to all levy payers, regardless of the goods or services offered. The buyer of the vouchers will then be sure that the gift that they give opens up a wide range of goods and services to the recipient.
We aim to keep the scheme as simple as possible for all and it will operate at no cost to the participating businesses.

As a participating business all you will be required to do is:

  • Sign an agreement with BID4OBAN relating to the management of the scheme.
  • Agree to be listed as a participating business in print and on BID4OBAN controlled websites.
  • Display a poster or sticker in your window and counter displays advertising that you accept the vouchers.
  • Ensure all staff likely to deal with the vouchers are familiar with the scheme and security features of the vouchers.
  • Redeem vouchers for goods and services, according to the terms and conditions, ensuring all vouchers are genuine and redeemed before the expiry date. 
  • Submit a claim for redeemed vouchers to BID4OBAN and receive payment. Claims can be made on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, to suit your business practices and the volume of vouchers you are redeeming. 
  • Accept responsibility for the validity of all vouchers redeemed at your business. BID4OBAN will not pay a claim for invalid or counterfeit accepted in return for goods and services.

Remember that this is NOT a discount scheme and you receive the full face value of all valid vouchers redeemed. 

To participate please contact the BID office on 01631 569915 or email 

Please note participation in this scheme is only open to BID4OBAN levy payers.

How to make a claim      Claim Forms  Love Oban Voucher leaflet 2019.pdf A5 gift voucher card 2019.pdf