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Welcome to BID4Oban

The Company BID4Oban Limited

Established November 2012

The principal aim of the BID is to deliver projects and services that will improve the trading environment of the BID area to the benefit of businesses, their customers and visitors. BID4Oban is clearly focused on improving Oban as a commercial and tourist destination. Our key objectives reflect this.  

  • Making the best first impression
  • Let’s shout about what's happening in Oban
  • Extend the season
  • Making Oban the place to stay, explore and spend
  • Working together for a more prosperous future
  • Making our town easier to visit

Since the inception of BID4Oban in 2012 and following a successful re-ballot in 2017 we have worked to improve the business and commercial opportunities for Oban. The BID is funded by a small levy that is charged to every business in Oban that has a rateable value of £3000 or above. The smallest levy paid is £150 up to £5000 for the largest businesses. This generates an annual income of £145,000. The levy is used to supplement and fund services and grants for which there would be no funding available if the BID was not in place.

The BID was originally set up by a group of businesses in Oban. Every five years the business community vote for the continuation of the BID or not. We work to a fluid business plan that can adapt to the economic climate throughout the duration of the BID. We are ideally placed to receive additional funding for key projects from various partners including Argyll and Bute Council.

BID4Oban has supported not just the business community but other groups and organisations within the town with event funding grants, funding of community projects and offered commercial support for community organisations.


Use the BID4Oban free wifi in the town centre to download the Business Plan

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Download our Business Plan for full details »


Read more about BID4Oban »


We are partners of Oban and Lorn Tourism Alliance

Read more here

We are partners of Oban Walking Tours

 Read more here

Annual General Meeting 2020

AGM Members Invitation Invite BID4Oban AGM October 2020.pdf

AGM Resolutions 2020 AGM Resolution WEB.pdf

AGM Accounts to October 2019 2019 BID4OBAN Final Accounts.pdf


Town Markets 2020

Coming Soon! 

11/4/2020 Market

23/5/2020 Market

27/6/2020 Market

25/7/2020 Market

22/8/2020 Market

19/9/2020 Market

 If you would like to participate in one of our markets please email

BID4Oban News

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Review Magazine March 2020 Edition BID Feature

BID4Oban Review Magazine 2020.pdf

Advertising Frames and Banners

£44,000 Awarded to BID4Oban

Oban Signage Press Release.pdf

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